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When you hire a new member of your team to play an important role, then your business is exposed, customers, investors, the other employees are exposed. In order to ensure the minimization of the risk, you have to do some essential checks regarding the person of the potential employee. Our employee verification service can ensure that the risk is minimized.

All investigations carried out by our detectives are perfectly legal and of the highest quality. This actually means that the information we provide is real and complete.

We will conduct a detailed investigation of the potential employee's past to verify that he or she is an honest person and if you can trust him. Checking the past will help you make a decision with all the information you need. We can also check the previous hirings to check if the experience and salaries passed in the CV are real.

Investigating the past has become commonplace over the years. More and more companies want to use this means to find out details about the past of the future employee and to check his CV.

Trust us to find out the truth!

Contact us at 0744853430 in order to talk to a private detective right now or leave us a message including your phone number or email address and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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