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Private Detectives In Romania

Professional private detectives, with over 20 years of experience in surveillance and investigations

HERACLIS is a private detective agency in Romania, which commits to resolving the problems of any individuals or legal entities. We offer quality services, always delivered efficiently and professionally.

We have an impressive detective team, with many years of experience – over 20 years in business, during which we have made a reputation of being extremely skilled, diligent, scrupulous and specialized in secret investigations, surveillance, counter surveillance, witness identification, finding missing persons, background checks etc. There is no need to feel intimidated by meeting with us. We are friendly, professional, discreet and sensitive towards your issues.

2019 Review:

  • High rate of success in identifying persons and respective addresses.
  • Daily surveillance/counter surveillance actions.
  • Identification of assets worth over 1.500.000 LEI.

Private detectives in Romania - frequent services

If your problem is not listed below, please contact us for finding methods to help you! The consultations are free and confidential.

Private investigations

We carry out customized investigations, adapted to meet the requirements of all our clients.

Vehicles tracking

Private detectives offer vehicle tracking services - the cheapest method of locating cars.

Due diligence

The detectives come to support the business people, to help them to avoid unsafe collaborations.

Surveillance services

Our detectives in Oradea use modern equipment and the latest surveillance techniques.

Economic investigations

Are you worried that your company is being stolen? Contact us to find out the truth!

Legal assistance

Do you want to identify a possible witness or find hidden assets? The detectives from Oradea are at your disposal.

Missing persons

Are you looking for a missing person? Our detectives will find the person in question even in situations where others have failed.

Background checks

Background checks play an important role in both the financial and private sectors.

Assets trace

The detectives provide services consisting of finding the hidden assets, both in the private and economic sectors.

Why our detectives?

Welcome to HERACLIS, one of the most respectable detective agencies in Romania!

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If you are in need of a private detective contact us with confidence! We will assist you with professionalism, discretion and seriousness. With a total experience of over 20 years, our detectives have the solutions for the multitude of problems that appear in our everyday life. It is important to know that you are not alone and that our professionals understand your situation and support you.

Why should you choose us? There are many reasons for picking us, but the 4 most important ones that have been appreciated by our clients are these:

Excellent results

In the majority of cases we receive excellent results. Whether our cases our easy or difficult, we are always determined, insistent and realistic.

A realistic evaluation of cases

We always offer a realistic assessment of the situation, of the necessary time required for its completion and the exact price. We consider that it is very important for you to know all these variables from the start.

We operate both in Romania and abroad

We have an exceptional national coverage, and we can operate wherever abroad on request.

Approachable and discreet

We are friendly, approachable and discreet. We are here in order to help you, no matter the circumstances. Many cases requires a high level of discretion and we understand the need for confidentiality 100%.








Professional detectives

Trust us to find out the truth!

Contact us at 0744853430 in order to talk to a private detective right now or leave us a message including your phone number or email address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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The private detective profession in Romania

The profession of private detective has many branches, many of them being centered around surveillance or investigations. In the case of the HERACLIS private detective company, we offer a wide variety of services, ranging from discreet surveillance to complex investigation, finding missing persons, legal assistance, etc.

We can acquire information about any person very rapidly, using technical means and special techniques. Many of our detectives spend their workdays gathering information, asking questions and analyzing the results.

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The cost of hiring a private detective in Romania

One of the most common questions in our discussions with our clients is regarding the costs of the services provided by our detectives. The answer is always depending on the complexity of the case because there is no universal procedure.

Every investigation or surveillance action is unique. Although the procedures and methods are the same every case is different.

The cost of hiring our detectives may vary drastically according to variables such as the location, the specifics of the case, etc. It is very important to have faith in the agency that you work with.

Frequent cases

  • All
  • Surveillance
  • Investigations
  • Countersurveillance
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detectiv and children surveillance

Children's problems


detective check business partner

Check partners


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Check employees


divorce cases



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Child custody


child adoption

Child adoption


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The team

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Detective courses graduates

Private detectives

Detectives in Romania

Our team consists of former intelligence officers and detective course graduates. According to law 329/2003, a private detective’s activity may be carried out only be persons that are professionally attested.(…) A person is only allowed to become a private detective under these circumstances: is in the possession of at least second education and is a graduate of a private detective junior college or has served as policeman or worker within a public institution with attributions in the field of defence, public order or national security or is a graduate of a higher educational institution.


We can’t offer you a fixed price from the start because the costs are highly depending on the case’s complexity.


  • Static surveillance – starting from 10 €/hour
  • Dynamic surveillance – starting from 25 €/hour


  • Low Complexity Investigations – starting from 100 €/case
  • High Complexity Investigations – starting from 500 €/case