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Private Detectives In Zalau

Do you have doubts about something? Act now! Hire a private detective from Zalau!

Hiring professional detectives can sometimes be the only way to confirm or disprove certain suspicions. The investigation agencies in Zalau have the methods, experience and technical means that you do not have.

Employees can simulate illness in order to be absent from work, they can violate the terms of employment contracts or they can commit frauds at work. Maybe you have doubts about the fidelity of your life partner, or you have doubts about the good behavior of your adolescent child. Do you suspect that you are being tracked or recorded?

Contact right now a private detective agency in Zalau!

Private detectives in Zalau - frequent services

If your problem is not listed below, please contact us for finding methods to help you! The consultations are free and confidential.

Private investigations

We carry out customized investigations, adapted to meet the requirements of all our clients.

Vehicles tracking

Private detectives offer vehicle tracking services - the cheapest method of locating cars.

Due diligence

The detectives come to support the business people, to help them to avoid unsafe collaborations.

Surveillance services

Our detectives in Zalau use modern equipment and the latest surveillance techniques.

Economic investigations

Are you worried that your company is being stolen? Contact us to find out the truth!

Legal assistance

Do you want to identify a possible witness or find hidden assets? The detectives from Zalau are at your disposal.

Missing persons

Are you looking for a missing person? Our detectives will find the person in question even in situations where others have failed.

Background checks

Background checks play an important role in both the financial and private sectors.

Assets trace

The detectives provide services consisting of finding the hidden assets, both in the private and economic sectors.

Why us?

Welcome to HERACLIS - private detectives agencies in Zalau - Romania!

team detectives from Zalau

Is your partner late at home? Do you suspect that your employees do not follow the rules? Do you feel that you are being watched? All these suspicions do not constitute evidence. Hire a private detective company in Zalau and you will benefit from quality services to get the proofs you are looking for!

Detective agencies in Zalau can perform investigations, surveillance, analysis and other specific activities.

We can locate cars, goods and people. We can check if you have hidden cameras or microphones installed.

Private detectives in Zalau are highly specialized in secret surveillance or investigations and they speak very well international languages. If necessary, we can move anywhere in the world, according to the customers requirements.

Our teams have over 20 years of experience in this field and we are proud of our excellent results. We are professional, discreet, but also extremely friendly and sensitive to customer problems.

Private detectives in Zalau find out the truth for you!

Call the agency in Zalau to talk to a detective right now or leave a short message including a phone number / email address and you will be contacted as soon as possible!

hire a private detectives company

Hire a private detective company in Zalau and find out the truth!

Suspicions are not evidence. You can see some signs, but until a lot of clear evidence is collected you can't do anything decisive.

Sometimes obtaining concrete evidence by professional investigators in the field, through secret surveillance, investigations or other methods, is the only way to eliminate suspicions and move on. A private detective who knows Zalau very well can help you.

The cost of hiring private detectives can vary drastically, depending on things like location, case specific, etc. It is very important to trust the agency you work with and we recommend that you use private detectives from Zalau to reduce costs!

detectivi pentru afaceri si avocati

Do you have a business in Zalau? Are you a lawyer? Private detectives in Zalau can help!

The work that detectives in Zalau do is not always related only to loved ones, partners or employees. We are highly specialized in issues related to the business environment.

We can help you in various situations such as debt recovery, identifying hidden assets and checking business partners.

Law firms in Zalau can benefit from the services of private detectives to solve more difficult cases, which involve finding people, assets, identifying witnesses, establishing innocents, etc.

If you need to hire a private detective in Zalau, please contact one of ours partner companies! Let us find the answers you are looking for and the evidence you need!

Frequent cases

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  • Surveillance
  • Investigations
  • Countersurveillance
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detectiv and children surveillance

Children's problems


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Check partners


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Check employees


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Child custody


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Child adoption


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Private Detectives Agencies in Zalau

For hiring or registering an agency on this site please let contact us!
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agentia de detectivi heraclis Zalau


Phone: +40744853430

Adress:Zalau, Romania

agentia de detectivi reflector Zalau



Adress:Zalau, Romania

agentia de detectivi reflector Zalau


Phone: +40744853430

Adress:Zalau, Romania


detectivi absolventi curs

Detective course graduates

Private Detectives

Private detectives Zalau

Our team consists of former intelligence officers and graduates of the private detective course. According to the law 329/2003, the activity of private detective can be carried out only by the persons who are professionally certified. (...) The person who meets the following conditions can acquire the quality of private detective: possess at least secondary education and is a graduate of a post-secondary school of detectives or has served as a police officer or worker in public institutions with responsibilities in the field of defense, public order or national security or is a graduate of a higher education institution.


We cannot offer you a final price because the costs differ from one agency to another and depend very much on the complexity of the cases. Please contact Zalau Private Detective Companies for more details!


  • Static surveillance - starting with 10 euro / hour
  • Dinamic surveillance - starting with 25 euro / hour
Detectives in Zalau


  • Low complexity investigations - from 100 euros / case
  • High complexity investigations - from 500 euro / case
Detectives in Zalau